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About Wolf Chiropractic Clinic


Jeff and Cindy Wolf came to Kearney in 1986 and founded Wolf Chiropractic Clinic. When they first started they had no staff so Cindy ran the front desk and cared for their son while waiting on patients. They have been very blessed and built the current clinic in 1988 and then added on in 1996.


What is different about our clinic is that we never use a "canned" approach  to your unique problem.  We will tailor our treatment plan to you specifically, and we will NOT require you to sign up for an expensive and binding long term treatment contract. We always adjust on the first visit and you simply come back as needed.  


Our approach is simple in that we feel taking a pill for a headache or back pain only treats the symptoms and does nothing about the CAUSE. We feel that through Chiropractic treatment and therapies we can address and correct the actual cause of your headache or back pain, along with many other musculoskeletal disorders. We understand that not every problem is a "Chiropractic issue" though and will be very honest with you as a patient. On a regular basis we refer patients out for cases that Chiropractic can't help or if the they are not responding to Chiropractic care like they should. We pride ourselves on making sure that our patients receive the proper care even if we need to refer them out for it. We have built a solid trust with the public for 30 years and want to make sure we maintain it.


Our office primarily uses manual manipulation, where you hear a "pop". However; both doctors are also trained in low force techniques if the patient does not want their back to "pop". We currently have 2 doctors on staff and a massage therapist which works extremely well in conjunction with Chiropractic. If you don't improve in a couple weeks we will re-evaluate and modify your treatment or refer you out when appropriate.



  • No lengthy treatment plans

  • No long term contracts

  • No 3x week forever

  • X-ray not required

  • Adjustment first visit










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