Your First Visit


What to expect

Your first visit can take up to 30 minutes depending on your condition and will include an exam and treatment. 


  • When you arive at our office you will first need to fill out intake paperwork. We ask that patients try to show up for their first appointment 15 minutes early, in order to allow time to do this paperwork. If you would like to print and fill out your intake paperwork before arriving we highly recommend it. Please find said forms HERE


  • After finishing your paperwork one of our Doctors will take you back to a treatment room where they will record your vitals and perform a detailed history and exam focused on your complaint.

    • We do not require X-rays or other imaging before treating you. However; if it is deemed necessary to have X-rays taken before treatment can be administered you will be referred out in order to get a full X-ray examination as well.  


  • Once the Doctor has fully evaluated you he will give you a brief report of findings where he will explain to you what is causing your condition and how Chiropractic treatment will correct it. 


  • Lastly the Doctor will perform a Chiropractic treatment. This will almost always include a full spine adjustmet as well as any therapies that are deemed necessary for your condition. 



Every case is unique but it is usually necessary to return for at least one follow-up appointment in order to fully address and treat your condition.